Brine Bath

Brine Bath


All Purpose Brine
Net Weight
7 oz. per jar

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Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Thyme, Rosemary, Minced Garlic, Whole Mustard, Whole Coriander, Whole Allspice, Whole Black Pepper & Whole Cloves.

Combine the jar with 4 cups of boiling water. Cool brine and refrigerate until chilled to the touch. Place meat and chilled brine into a brining bag, cooler or other large container. Add additional cold water to fully submerge the meat. Be sure to keep cold on ice or in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. (Rinse meat with cold clean water and pat dry.) This brine is also great on any type of poultry or fish. Use less brine and soak time for less meat.

Try brining shrimp and then tossing them on the grill. Toss Brine onto Yams or Potatoes to make amazing fries by baking them in the oven.

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Weight 12.8 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 4 in

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  1. 4 out of 5

    “As first time briners, we can say that this Brine Bath is a super easy way to add tons flavor to your meat with barely any prep work. We soaked some chicken wings and breasts in the brine for about 6 hours then threw it on the grill. The chicken had the perfect combination of flavor and saltiness, our guests made it disappear rather quickly. We can’t wait to try it on more meats, next up a turkey!”

    Jay & Lynn
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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