Power Couples of Greenpoint

Power Couples of Greenpoint


We could not have been more surprised and elated when we were approached by greenpointers.com to be the subject of their Valentines Day Installment of the Power Couples of Greenpoint! 

Thanks so much to Liz and Greenpointers.com for that wonderful praise and for supporting us, Greenpoint Trading Co, and Greenpoint Brooklyn.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the love that wafts through the air in Greenpoint with profiles of some of our favorite entrepreneurial power couples. You might already shop in their stores, eat their food, take their classes, follow them online, or recognize them as fellow regulars at your local haunts, but now it’s getting personal! We asked our power couples to tell us about what they love about living and working in Greenpoint with each other, and the results were very sweet indeed.

Check out the interview here

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