Joint Project with OMR Goods!

Joint Project with OMR Goods!

Our first collaboration with our dear friends at OMR Goods!  We teamed up with the Grilled Cheesus champs on a custom blend that you can only find at their site: – Jesus H. Spice!  For a while we thought that you couldn’t improve upon the perfection that is a grilled cheese sandwich.  But after heaping some Jesus H. Spice on to a grilled cheesus, we knew we’d been wrong.  With our friends Meg Sheehan and Rob Corso, we have created a flavorful combination that will forever make us remember the hundreds of sandwiches we ate growing up with a little less enthusiasm, for we now know what a grilled cheese sandwich can truly be.


We love working with our friends, and we love to source locally whenever we can.  We hope this collaboration is the start of a lot more of that. Check out more of what OMR Goods has to offer here:

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