BK Styled Spotlight on Greenpoint Trading Co.

BK Styled Spotlight on Greenpoint Trading Co.


From BK Styled’s July 01, 2013 Post:

I was a picky eater as a young child – ordering all things off of the menu with the word ‘plain’ in front of them. It wasn’t until I got older that I discovered the delectable pleasure in slathering sausages in sauerkraut and mustard, enticing my tongue with the spiciest peppers, and indulging in the most exotic spices and rubs on every cut of meat imaginable. I learned quickly that the world of spice was one that I could lovingly embrace with every morsel. Which leads me to why I am so smitten with Brooklyn’s own Greenpoint Trading Co., a local company offering a wide range of spices and rubs to enliven the taste buds.

Evan & Kimmee are the masterminds behind Greenpoint Trading Co. When I met with them in their brand new space in Greenpoint, I learned a lot about how the company came to be and got a glimpse into the local spice industry. Evan & Kimmee actually work in both the wholesale and consumer markets. Their company Brooklyn Spice Company makes seasonings and blends for wholesale meat and food manufacturers. On the other hand, Greenpoint Trading Company is packaged and marketed straight to the consumer.


Kimmee used to work in the photo production industry, a job she found to be a little lackluster. When she lost her job she saw it as a blessing in disguise and used the opportunity to join Evan, who already worked in the spice industry for six years prior, to start their own company. “We literally did it in the hallway of our apartment,” Kimmee recalls, “and got a permit from the city to pack and sell at markets. We had a folding table in our living room and we would invite our friends over and we would give them wine and beer and have packing parties to help package the products before selling at the market.”

Expansion soon followed. Now their new space has a cargo van, a forklift, and machines that grind and mix and are capable of making 25,000 pounds of spice blends at a time. I had a fun time goofing off in their warehouse, effectively coaxing Kimmee to climb atop bags of spices on the forklift and have Evan carry her around. They made for some super fun photos, which show the truly fun and delightful personality behind these two and their products.

The craft paper bags that Greenpoint Trading uses to package and sell their products have become one of the most beloved characteristics, as many clients have noted. Kimmee said that they have just recently started incorporating glass bottles (which are equally as striking) into their merchandise. As for me, I love the names that they have come up with for their blends, some of my favorites being ‘Dracula’s Nightmare,’ a salt-free garlic seasoning, and ‘Mean Gator,’ a Cajun seasoning. Be sure to check them out, as their products are a perfect fit for a summer BBQ. Your mouth will thank you, I promise.



photography by Jocelyn Baun

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